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My working practice is rooted in the local environment.
Combinations of images focus on the detail of what there is around us and build a portrait of our surroundings. I hope to illustrate a community’s interaction with its living space.

Tiny sagas present themselves throughout my work and hint at the very transitory nature of human attention. Care is bestowed or withheld in an instant even though its evidence can be seen smeared across countless timescales.

The space between places fascinates me due to our inherent lack of expectation in it. Intentional destinations, conversely become loaded with anticipation and opportunities for disappointment.

A discarded photo album, a half sucked sweet and a wastegrounded front garden create taxonomies of unplanned human activity. We live in amongst these narratives, they play out around our feet and over our heads every day.

By highlighting what happens around us I hope to reawaken our appreciation of what community can be.


Daisy Zoll 2007